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The other night I was chatting with a friend on Facebook about what can be achieved with a blog. Like other prospects, he’s hesitant to blog as he’s not convinced with the earning potential. So, I showed him one of the screenshots of the earnings of a friend who’s making good money with his own blog.

I know it really takes one screenshot or proof of earnings to convince the average individual that there’s a future in blogging. Without that proof of earning, doubts are hard to eliminate.

So, I salute the guy who need not be shown with proof of earnings. I mean, someone who by the explanation itself, can see the big picture. Someone we consider as belonging to the “thinking audience” and not with the “clapping audience”.

But can we blame the people? I can’t blame you if you’re too slow in responding to this opportunity. People are visual beings, you guys need to be shown with proof.

Can You Make A Full Time Income With A Blog?

I’m not the owner of this website or blog but perhaps the credibility of this marketplace (Empire Flippers) is enough to convince you this is legit.

Site Sold via Empire Flippers

Imagine you’re the owner of that site and you haven’t sold the site yet to others. So, you’re the one making that income every month. Would that kind of income enough to support the life that you want?

Think about how much money every month an employee of a company make. Imagine you’re the employee, how much do you think you’re making?

Now, imagine you’re an employee and you’re making an equivalent amount of money with your salary. Perhaps, you’re in the top positions in your company’s hierarchy and have a huge responsibility running a part of that company.

Can you enjoy the money you’re making?

Maybe yes. Maybe no. Yes, if you are allowed to take a vacation and leave your responsibilities for a while.

But did you know that if you own a blog or a website and you’re making such money, you can operate your online business with a laptop computer while you’re away in a good tourist spot?

Owner Of This Site Is Probably Enjoying His Money

The first screenshot that I showed to you is a sold one. I mean, it has been advertised on Empire Flippers and someone grabbed the opportunity.

In this screenshot, you will notice there’s no “sold” label yet so meaning, the site is still owned by its creator and waiting to be sold. Its creator is still enjoying the income and with that figure?

Site Listed in Empire Flippers

It’s a type of income doctors envy.

If only I have extra money that big, I mean money that’s sitting idly in a bank, I’ll buy one of these sites advertised in Empire Flippers. Some said it’s risky, but if you yourself knows how to create and operate a site, you can spot a real deal versus a hyped one.

You know, that kind of entrepreneurial thinking. That kind of business owner thinking.

I want to have a profitable website that’s spitting out money even when I’m asleep. Who would not want to own a machine that’s churning out money while you’re away on a vacation?

Think online business. A business on the Internet.

The Internet never sleeps, right? So, it’s possible for you to make money even while you sleep!

A Not So Perfect Example

Some of you may be reacting, “Oh, the ones you have shown us are probably masterpieces of professional website flippers.”

You may be right. And you may also be wrong with that.

Anyone can be a good website flipper. A website flipper is the one that creates a website from scratch, with the purpose of growing the website to profitability so later on, you sell the website to people looking for a “ready-made online business”.

Unfortunately, I don’t want to be a website flipper. What I want is, create websites for regular income!

And as someone who started from scratch with my knowledge and skills, I sometimes feel inferior when my work is compared with these high-flying websites for sale.

But the truth is, we don’t have to be perfectionists to make money with a website. In fact, this next screenshot is from a website that looks almost similar to the websites that I create.

An Ordinary-looking Website

You will notice that the blogger is using a theme that looks like the themes being used by startup bloggers. Also, the blog is organized like the way the beginners organized their blogs.

But if you take a look at how much volume this website is getting in terms of traffic, you will have an idea of how much the website is earning. The organic traffic is up to more than 300,000 per month!

Website Organic Traffic

This website makes money through the Google AdSense ads displayed on the sides of the site, and also through affiliate links. If someone clicks on the affiliate links and make a purchase, the owner makes money.

What Can Be Achieved With A Blog?

A blog can be used for many purposes…

Some people use it primarily to establish regular income working from home. Others, use blogging to grow an existing business.

When I was in network marketing business, I used blogging to attract customers and business partners. And when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I met people who are using blogging to get sales in affiliate marketing.

In Wealthy Affiliate, I met people who have turned their passion into a profitable affiliate marketing business. They blog about their passion, and on the sides of their sites, they display ads and affiliate links.

When people click on the ads or affiliate links, the owner of the website, the blogger, makes money. The money is made either on a pay-per-click basis, pay-per-sale, or pay-per-lead.

What Can Be Achieved With a Blog

What can be achieved with a blog? Do you remember the figures you saw in the screenshot? Those are the income a website generates.

Recommended Resource

If you have the money, you can go to websites like Empire Flippers and look for a ready-made website or blog. You can take a shortcut to website ownership by investing money and hoping someday you will post a profit.

But if you don’t have the amounts being asked, the best that you can do is start one by yourself.

Below is a link to a website wherein people are being taught how to create websites or blogs from scratch. Regardless of your background, you will learn how to create a website and make money with it.

Click Here To Create Your Free Account in Wealthy Affiliate

Alternatively, you can download my free guide for starting a profitable online business. Enter your email below, and download my Online Business Blueprint.

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