In my previous post, we discussed about financial freedom. Today, we’ll cover time freedom with network marketing. The freedom to spend your time the way you want it.

Financial freedom and time freedom are tied to each other.

Financial freedom is being able to spend on something without worrying about the price or the bill that will come to you later. Now, let’s go on discussing time freedom, what it is and how can you achieve it.

You know, that life of having no alarm clocks to bother you early in the morning, or the ability to spend more time with your loved ones.

What is Time Freedom?

To give you an objective explanation of this question, I consulted Google. From its database, a quote from a website discussing the same thing has been pulled out for us.

What is Time Freedom

It is said, Time Freedom means “having the time to move deliberately through the world”. Not having the stress moving around like a headless chicken on steroids.

In my years of doing business, I have observed that it is not only the employees of companies that are not enjoying time freedom but small business owners as well.

When you can’t leave to enjoy something because you have a job or you have a business to attend to, that’s not time freedom. When you can’t watch an event with your loved one because your job doesn’t allow it, that’s not freedom.

And I bet you hate it.

You want a life where you are free to spend the day you want it, and still not worry having no income.

Time Freedom With Network Marketing

Look, we only have 24 hours a day, and we can’t spend all that to work and make a living.

Whether you are an employee or a small business owner, you only work an average of 6 to 8 hours a day. Now, thing about that… think how much you are getting paid each hour of your work, then multiply that with your rate.

Are you on the path to millions? Nope.

Now, consider network marketing—a business where you can multiply your time through others.

In some companies, you join because you first liked the products. You then recommend the products to others. Those who get good results with the products recommend the products to others. All the product recommenders get paid.

As simple as that.

You join a good company with lots of products to choose from. You enroll other people to become marketers for that company and you get paid a percentage off their sales efforts aside from getting paid a commission from your own sales.

Just like what has been explained in the video, you are multiplying your time through others!

Time Freedom + Financial Freedom

In network marketing business, it is not only time that’s being multiplied, but also the income potential.

Imagine if you a source of income which is a website. Can that website recruit other websites, and those recruited websites recruit more websites? That’s not possible, right?

In most of my blogs about network marketing, I often encounter comments from irate affiliate marketers negative about the network marketing idea. The thing that they misunderstand is the idea of GROWING EXPONENTIALLY.

Watch this video from a person I truly respect…

Yes, you can make money with jobs or small businesses, but they don’t provide much opportunity for gaining wealth. It is by gaining wealth and having a team that’s growing exponentially that true freedom is achieved.

Let’s Work Together!

We’re both busy so I won’t eat more of your time. The space here is very limited, and I don’t wanna overwhelmed you with too much information all at once.

Let’s take this bit by bit.

Click on the link below and read our invitation for you on the next page. There’s a brief explanation there what business I’m involved right now, and how that business can help you achieve both time freedom and financial freedom.

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You can get started in your spare time so it won’t affect your current job or business. Once our business gets off successfully, the freedom scenario that I’ve explained earlier will start to unfold to you.

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