I’ve been battling distractions since the start of COVID-19 crisis. Just recently, it looks like I’ve uncovered some techniques and I’d like to share with you the secret to avoiding social media distraction so you can focus on working on your online business.

For some of us, this is a no-brainer as most people know this already but the problem is, as humans, we have this weakness of getting tempted. The temptation is so strong that even the wisest men in the world sometimes find themselves over-powered by these distractions and procrastination.

So, I’d like to share here a short blog post which you can read, and which can serve us as a reminder. We need to be reminded sometimes of the things we already knew and that includes this super easy technique of avoiding social media distraction.

When Social Media is Good

Social media helps us in connecting with our friends and loved ones. What is impossible 20 years ago, we’re now seeing them unfold in our eyes today where we are able to talk with friends or family members located in the opposite side of the world.

And unlike the pioneers in Internet communication, like the Voice Over Internet Protocols which were popular some 15 years ago, communication through social media is cheaper. Here in my country, with just a penny, you can buy cellphone load so you can start making a video call to a loved one working overseas.

Connecting With Loved Ones

So, on the positive side, social media has done us a lot of good things.

But the problem is, as social media platform improves, it promotes the “bystander mentality” wherein people have indulged themselves to trivia-like discussions. For ordinary people, there’s no problem with such interactions but for us, online entrepreneurs, you can find it a waste of time.

Using Social Media For Business

For social media platforms like Facebook, theirs are intended for making friends and socializing. Unless you’re in platforms created for businesses and professionals like LinkedIn, platforms like Facebook are prohibitive in using their site for trying t make money.

To them, if there’s one person or personality that’s rightful for making money out of their platform, it’s them.

But, if you’re keen enough in understanding how their system work, it is with personal accounts that people are prohibited in using Facebook for making money. If you are a business owner and you want to use the system for making money, then you must create a page.

Create A Facebook Page

By using a fan page or business page, you are allowed to do business on Facebook, advertise and make money. Outside of that, other users can report your activity and have your account disciplined.

So, would you rather use your personal account for business or create a dedicated business page?

Distractions Are Associated With The Personal Accounts

I have almost 5,000 friends with my personal account, most of them are real friends in the offline world, family members and relatives. Some are business associates I met whom added me to their friends lists upon discovering that I’m also on Facebook.

Friends Busy With Tik TokThe problem is, most of my friends in my personal account are not businessmen. They are ordinary people who are fond of spending time on less important things like trivia and games.

And just recently, fun apps like Tik Tok have plagued the Facebook world with friends asking you to view their latest edited videos.

Add to the trouble, the posts of friends about Coronavirus, which seemed like complicating the already existing worries mainstream media has caused us. With the worries, Christian denominations accelerated their activities of offering comfort to people in panic.

I wonder if Facebook users who only operate through their business pages ever see those distractions caused by the recent crises.

The Secret To Avoiding Social Media Distraction

I’m writing for the online entrepreneur. If you are a person who have just started building a website or blog, this is for you.

Messenger NotificationsWe entrepreneurs usually operate with 2 gadgets—a computer and a mobile device like a phone. Both gadgets have the capability to connect to the internet nowadays and for communication.

Have you tried writing a blog post with your phone connected to the Internet and your Messenger app running on the background? From time to time, Messenger would become active popping up in front of your face distracting you from your work.

Compared to having your Messenger opened in a Google Chrome tab in your computer, Messenger is more annoying in mobile devices like tablets or phones. So, with that, I prefer to use either a desktop computer or a laptop computer in working for my online business.

I’ve seen others blog or leave comments to blogs using their phones, but with my personal experience, I prefer using a computer rather than a phone.

If you are like me, turn off the phone, and focus on working on your online business using a computer. You will get more things done, more content published and you will accomplish more.

When You Have Many Responsibilities

It happened to me, I have multiple responsibilities online. Before, I struggled on keeping myself consistent with my blogging. It was really a struggle to insert time creating content when you are to perform as an admin to several Facebook groups and organizations’ group chats.

This is not to say that being a leader of a cause-oriented organization like a church is something bad. Actually, it’s a cause higher than being an entrepreneur.

But seeing my online business deteriorate because of these distractions, I realized I have to put things on their proper places. Yes, we are to be with our Lord all the time, but we still have to build our businesses.

To be able to work on my business and at the same time, lead the people in my local church via our GC, I decided to make it clear to them that I have other responsibilities.

It is important for others to see that you’re not that kind of person they can push around to comment on everything posted. Chip in only when you have a very important announcement to make.

Clarify your roles to others. Set specific time for each role, and practice effective time management.

For learning effective time management, click here for the book that I recommend.

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Gomer Magtibay a.k.a. Coach Gom blogs about home business ideas and answers questions (free coaching) about starting or growing a home-based business. If you would like to learn more about him or connect with him, click here.

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