If you’re searching for small business coaching, I’d like to caution you of the many coaches out there that are just after your money. There are plenty of them on the web,  not genuinely interested in your success.

But how do you find a home business coach who is serious about other people’s success? Someone who’s not obsessed with the money but rather enjoy helping others even if it means “coaching for free”?

Free Small Business Coaching

I’d like to be different from the rest. Instead of asking a consulting fee per session or per client, I love doing it for free.

And I’ve been doing this for almost a decade now!

Helping fellow entrepreneurs through chat in Facebook Messenger.

We discuss things on Messenger like ordinary friends, sometimes half day, sometimes whole day, about these topics:

  •  Business ideas
  • Creating business plans
  • Time management
  • Setting up home workspace
  • Finding suppliers
  • Hiring employees
  • Finding customers
  • Obtaining financing

…and myriads of other things associated with operating a small or home-based business.

From Messenger To Website

I own and operate a small pharmacy in the ground floor of our home. Quite lucky, our home is situated in a busy town center. The business supported my daily needs.

My Pharmacy Business

Just recently, I decided to level-up my coaching beyond Facebook Messenger chat. I started this website for coaching and for blogging business ideas.

I remember, a friend of mine once offer his coaching service to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to have their own website. Using an online appointment tool, he asks around $500 per coaching session.

I can do the same by linking to an online appointment tool to ask the same amount of money but decided not to do so. The reason is, in my pharmacy business, $500 isn’t a small amount of money.

It’s already equivalent to operating capital of a small business!

If your client is wealthy or a big company, that’s easy. But if it’s from a struggling person who’s considering starting a home-based business, or a fledgling business looking for solutions, I’m not comfortable with that.

I’d rather coach the person by letting him post a question in a comment in one of my blog posts and reply to him, for free.

But Why Not Through A Funnel?

Like I said, I don’t ask for any service fee. If I avail one of those expensive funnels, then I will be obliged to charge a consulting fee so I can offset the cost of the  funnel.

The best funnels out there cost around $100 per month for a basic package. If a funnel is that expensive, then I may pass the cost to my clients or customers jacking up my consulting price.

Maybe you now have an idea why those consulting services out there charge as high as $1,000 per consulting.

I remember, a friend on Facebook whose passion is consulting came to me…

“Bro, the prevailing price for consulting in the U.S. is now $2,000. There’s huge money to be made!”

He may be right…

There’s really huge money to be made in consulting. But that’s if the client has so much money he can throw away.

Most home business entrepreneurs play around $100 per month and the cost beyond that is quite hurting.

Why Not Through Facebook?How haw de carabao

My experience is that, anyone with a cheap cellphone and internet connection can sign up for a free Facebook account. The result is, you have millions of not really serious users asking you about anything.