Why discuss personal development in online business? Can we just start and build our businesses without thinking about personal development?

I understand the frustration of many individuals who are impatient about getting immediate results with their business. We have pressing needs and we need to get good results ASAP.

The problem is, like untrained soldiers, beginners in online business often found themselves retreating once the bullets come flying overhead.

I’ve been to this industry for more than a decade now, and I’ve seen people come and go. Don’t be that person who, which we often refer to as “now you see, now you don’t”.

Failed Online Business

Personal Development in Online Business?

Like in any other business out there, an online entrepreneur is not immune to failure and rejection.

Even if we proudly say that we let our websites deal with prospective clients instead of us dealing with them face-to-face. An abandoned shopping cart or an unsubscribed lead hurts the same as a prospect rejecting you in a meeting.

Not long ago, I read a column online revealing that most affiliate marketers fail. The common reason is, they just quit. They are not trained to be persistent. They are not trained for success.

To succeed in anything, one must possess a winning attitude or else, even the slightest hardship can put the man away from his goals. Small setbacks can turn an untrained affiliate marketer down.

If you’re serious about success, you must commit yourself to life-long development of yourself. This process is called Personal Development, and is very important in online business.

Personal Development via Network Marketing

Did you know that there are a lot of professionals in different fields entering network marketing for the purpose of attending training in personal development?

If you are familiar with the organization Network 21, one of the leading training organization in the network marketing company Amway, they are known for their excellent training for success.

Initially, the training modules were created for Amway distributors, to make them ready for success. But as their training become popular, people from different walks of life started flocking to Network 21 just to be trained.

I know a lot of affiliate marketers who are into “doing online reviews” hate things associated with multi-level marketing or network marketing, but it wouldn’t harm you if you attend the training for the purpose of developing your sales and leadership skills alone.

You can attend the free training hosted by MLM companies without involving yourself with actual MLM business.

Personal Development via Network Marketing

Personal Development Training for a Fee

I mentioned about joining network marketing programs for the sake of getting their free training. But what if you really hate network marketing that even just setting foot on the venue discourages you to the max?

If you have that feeling against network marketing, then I respect you. There are still many other options out there, like spending money attending training like those hosted by Tony Robbins, or by Dale Carnegie Institute.

You can also check popular personal development training for entrepreneurs hosted by popular magazines like Success Magazine.

It’s just that, you have to shell out money. Unlike in network marketing where the uplines have the motivation to train you for free because if you succeed they will also succeed, in institutes like Dale Carnegie Institute, it’s like enrolling again in a school.

But I bet it’s worth it. It’s worth the price.

That Person behind the Website

Have you ever wonder who is the person behind the most successful websites on the Internet today?

Did you know that most of them, except for the lucky few, attained their success because they’re ready for success

As an online entrepreneur, I have committed myself to become a life-long student of success. This will help me not only become ready for success, but also make me a good coach for others.

You and I are humans with feelings. Our feelings can sometimes help us get results, but oftentimes, can drag us down to failure. If you commit yourself to a life-long personal development, you will be able to handle yourself effectively no matter what.

Are you developing that person behind your website?

Person Behind The Website

The Benefits of Developing Yourself

First, you will be able to deal with yourself more effectively.

It is said, that private victory precedes public victory.

When you have the strength of character, you will be more disciplined to do the daily tasks in your business. And not only that, you will also become more effective in handling challenges resulting to you not easily giving up. Successful people are persistent people.

Second, you will deal more effectively with your customers.

Trained entrepreneurs are known to be people person…

If you are not used to dealing with people, after you have gone through personal development training, you will see a new you. You will become more effective in dealing with suppliers, customers, business partners and those around you.

Think about the benefits.

Now, are you developing that person behind your website?


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