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Several months ago, because of the overwhelming number of spam messages I’m receiving on social media, I announced that I have thrown in the towel for network marketing. I even posted that I will be campaigning against the industry like making negative reviews of companies.

You know, in the network marketing industry, when marketers see that you’re negative about the industry, they won’t bother you with their invitation messages. So, to avoid being bombarded with so many messages I can’t handle, I announced that I’m against the industry.

My announcement was a surprise to my friends as they knew me to be one of the leaders in my company. In fact, I earned my title “Coach Gom” in that industry during my most active years as a network marketer. In Organo Gold, they call their leader “coaches” or “success coaches”.

My mistake when I declared war against the industry was selfish. I was thinking only of myself, I should have thought about helping others. If you are bombarded with spams, why not help the spammers learn a good marketing skill?

Blind Leading The Blind

A blind man is better off led by someone who can see. But what if the blind is being led by someone who is blind also?

Blind Leading The Blind

That’s the case for those spammers in network marketing. There’s no one teaching or helping beginners learn good online marketing skills because those who have enrolled them in the business know nothing either.

They were told by their uplines that in order to succeed, one should begin by listing all the people you know from childhood up to the present. List everyone you know, from your grade school teacher to your favorite barber, and those relatives of yours that visit your house during Christmas.

How can you succeed in business when you’re targeting people you’re not sure will be interested in your business?

“Take chances, who knows they will become interested”, your upline may argue.

You’re fortunate that the strategy of inviting your friends to look into your business is free. But think about it, will you spend money on a Facebook ad without proper targeting?

Sometimes, the blind upline doesn’t even know about Facebook advertising.

Taking the Hand of the Blind

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.” – Desiderius Erasmus

Okay, your sent me a friend request and the moment I approve it, you send me a message about your network marketing business opportunity. Great, right?


Do you think someone with 10+ years of experience will just easily buy into your pitch? Especially from someone I just met on Facebook?

Spammers on Facebook

Okay, I understand. You were just taught by the blind upline that the moment you have exhausted that list of prospects you’ve been told to create, the next stop will be social media. Send a friend request to anyone who looks like a marketer because they’re good prospects.

It’s true, we, marketers are good prospects IF you know how to approach us.

Someone got me into signing to MLSP and Empower Network many years ago even though I was one of the critics of those two companies. His secret? He first made friends with me and established rapport.

Another thing is that, people only buy from those they know, like, and trust.

That’s one good hint I’ve just shared. I have plenty of tips, just hold on. Make friends with me, stop spamming me, we can be good friends and I will take you by the hand. I can be your coach, I can be your good guide to home-based business success.

Helping Network Marketers Succeed

I know there are plenty of coaches out there, some are wildly successful like they’re miles ahead of me.

Just search on Google with the keyword “attraction marketing” and you will see dozens or even hundreds of self-proclaimed coaches. Or, join one of the most popular lead systems on the planet, MLSP, and you will be introduced to other members who employ the same tactic.

That’s great, that shows people are willing to help.

But wait, do they really want to help or just squeeze money from you? I mean, you will be introduced to an online marketing system they said is useful for attracting prospects. Then, you will be abandoned or being contacted again only when they got something new to introduce to you.

Did this sound familiar to you?

No, not me. In fact, I’ve been helping people who didn’t even bother to buy anything from me. Would you believe that? There are bunches of fellow marketers on Facebook, on Messenger in particular that are burning my time without me getting anything from them. But that’s okay to me.

What I mean is, I am not here for quick commissions only. I’m here because this is my passion. To help network marketers succeed.

How Can I Help You

It depends on your problem, or what challenges are you facing with your online marketing.

But to simplify this, I’m good at helping network marketers position themselves as a “go-to expert” in their company. I mean, instead of trying hard convincing your friends and relatives to join your business, let the interested come to you to join.

Is it possible?

Yes, and I’ve done that. While others are busy hosting home parties for selling Organo Gold herbal coffee, I was busy marketing online using a system called Coffee Millionaire System. With that, I have enrolled strangers, yes they’re strangers but they’re highly interested in my business.

Coffee Millionaire System

Another thing that I can help you is, by changing your perspective from being only a distributor of a company to someone owning a real business online.

A common mistake network marketers make is, when they join a company, they join like they are employees. Or, should we say sales agents for the company. They feel like they own the network marketing company they’ve joined which in reality, they don’t.

The real owners are the founders of those companies, not you guys.

What I encourage people to do is start their own websites. With your own website, you’re the owner of new business and that network marketing? It is just a partner of your website.

Do you get it?

In Closing…

Now that you’ve reached this point, maybe you now have an idea why I’m back at helping network marketers succeed.

As a disclosure, I may get paid through my recommendations. If I recommend you start a website in a host like Wealthy Affiliate, I’m an affiliate of that company. I can get paid a commission, but that’s just like compensation for my selfless desire to help others.

Would it be fair for me to get something in return for long hours of chat in Messenger with you? I won’t ask for a coaching fee. All I hope is someone buys one of the tools I recommend, and that’s it.

The free coaching I offer, the tools that I recommend, they’re proven to work. I have done this with countless individuals before and I am very sure this can lead you to success in your home-based business.

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