In this short article, I’m going to share with you how to make money in affiliate marketing with no money. People in dire situations will find this helpful so if you’re one of them, read on.

I’ve been making money online since 2008 and have tried numerous programs. From “get paid to” programs to affiliate marketing, and from network marketing to online investing. Among these programs, it is affiliate marketing that has become my favorite for a bunch of reasons. We’re going to discuss those reasons here.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Basically, it’s a business on the Internet where people get paid promoting other people’s stuff.

If Jim is selling a product in his website, his friend Joe can sell that product too in his own website by displaying a banner or a link leading to Jim’s website. For every sale through that link, Jim pays Joe a commission. Basically, that’s how affiliate marketing or affiliate program works.

Through the years, it has evolved into something big where transactions involve companies and not just ordinary people. Almost every brand now can be marketed through affiliate marketing.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work

Going back to the simple Jim and Joe illustration, what made me like affiliate marketing over other online opportunities is, if I am Joe, I can get paid over and over again through my efforts exerted only once.

I only once displayed a banner on my site promoting Jim’s products. And that kind of “do-it-once, get-paid-for-a-lifetime” type of income is called RESIDUAL INCOME.

Two types of income people earn:

  1. LINEAR INCOME – income people earn from a job. Work stop, income stop.
  2. RESIDUAL INCOME – Do it once, get paid over and over again. Work stop, income continue!

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn residual income, and it’s free!

Why Are People Spending Money in Affiliate Marketing?

You probably heard about people who have spent a lot of money in affiliate marketing.

Hold on your assumptions, I’m going to explain to you why some people (including me) spend money as an affiliate marketer. It’s not what you think it is!

Affiliate marketing alone is free. You can apply as a Clickbank affiliate without paying them any. Also, with Amazon’s affiliate program, you can join them for free, too. So, why spend money?

Spending Money in Online Business

We spend money in creating our own professionally looking websites. Just like this website of mine you’re in right now, I have invested money its domain name ( and in its hosting (hosted in Amazon C3 server via Wealthy Affiliate). Things like this require money!

It’s like having your own marketing store in the offline. You can arrange for product owners to market their products without them requiring your to purchase their products. But you have to find a place, rent a place, to display those products.

A website is like your place online where you need to pay rent on a regular basis. So, I guess you now understand why some affiliates, even though you can get started for free, are spending money.

  • We spend a few bucks on tools like site domain and hosting
  • We spend a few bucks on advertising (because we want results quicker)

But that should not worry you. There’s a solution if you got no money.

Get Started in Affiliate Marketing For Free

I got contacted by a follower on Facebook, he’s from Bangladesh, he said he’s out of work and got no money. He’s asking for a recommendation, where to earn money online.

If you’re that person reading here right now, or like that person struggling with life right now, I’d like to share with you some simple steps on how to get started in affiliate marketing for free.

First, I recommend you get your Wealthy Affiliate account set up and running. As a member of WA, you will be guided on how to get started in affiliate marketing, how to convert your hobbies or passion into profits online.

You can get started in Wealthy Affiliate for free (Free Starter Membership). You will be provided with two (2) free websites you can use to market products online.

Second, I recommend you get Free Lead System, a “done-for-you” email follow-up system (funnel) you can use in building an “email list” which is one of the keys to success in affiliate marketing.

Just like WA, you can also get started in FLS for free and upgrade later so you can customize your funnel.

Third, create your Clickbank account. If you’re not familiar with Clickbank, it’s an online platform where vendors and sellers meet together for digital products like ebooks and online memberships.


Once you’re a member of Clickbank (it’s free to join), you can grab other people’s “make money online” offers and recommend them to others via your free website given by WA. There’s a step-by-step tutorial inside Clickbank on how to find such offers via their marketplace.

Now, to make money, you have to expose your offer to as many people as possible. It’s a numbers game, if you’re good at convincing people via the articles you write on your free website, you can have 10 people buying from you out of 100 visitors.

You get to have people coming to your site, signing up through your Free Lead System, have the FLS email marketing system follow-up with them and see your offer again and again. There’s a bunch of free training available in both WA and FLS on this strategy.

How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing with No Money?

I’ve laid them up here in this article. All you have to do is follow my recommendation and just do it.

The lessons taught inside Wealthy Affiliate are proven to work, the email follow-up system provided by Free Lead System is also very effective especially for “make money online” offers, and there are very good products you can pick up in Clickbank to promote.

I will give you one example of an offer you can pick up in Clickbank to promote. I like promoting The Rich Dad Summit – By Robert Kiyosaki (replay) for it is helping people learn financial literacy starting at $1. You can choose that digital product, too.

Even though it’s already a replay, I enjoyed the course as it has taught me secrets to creating wealth.

The Rich Dad Summit

There are plenty of digital products in Clickbank you can find. Find something you think can give value to your customers. And remember, there’s no cost in joining Clickbank.

Join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE (with affiliate program that pays monthly), join Free Lead System for FREE (with affiliate program that pays weekly), and join Clickbank for FREE, too! (with affiliate program that pays weekly/bi-monthly).

“Any guarantee I will make money?” 

Well, there’s no guarantee. It depends on your willingness to learn and work. But the good news is, there’s a complete lesson inside WA that will teach you how to generate visitors to your site. Apply the lessons, plugin your system especially your email follow-up system from FLS, and then plugin the Clickbank offer you wanna promote, and you’re set.

So, I hope with my recommendation, you now can make money in affiliate marketing with no money.

Remember, what you’re setting up here is a system for earning RESIDUAL INCOME, and you can get started for FREE.

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