People are complaining especially in poor countries like the Philippines. In other countries, the government takes care of all your needs while you stay inside your home. But here, they will only provide you with a few kilos of rice.

And as we know it, we don’t eat rice alone. Rice is our staple food here, but it is taken with our favorite dishes like beef steak, fried eggs or sauteed vegetables.

The rich and the middle class here have probably stacked enough food including dishes and desserts in their refrigerators. And even if they run out of those goods, they have the money to buy more food. But the poor? Even before the lockdowns, they were living paycheck to paycheck, so you can imagine what happen to them now.

I feel for the poor because I know what it feels like to be one. Before succeeding in my own business, I lived in the streets of Manila like those poor people there.

In this short blog post, I’d like to write for them. If you’re a poor person who luckily got online and stumbled upon this article, listen to me. Your discovery of this truth will help you avoid hunger, not only today, but for the rest of your life.

A Good Salesman Will Never Go Hungry

This is true and would never change, even in the years to come.

No matter what the economy is doing, whether it is booming or in a recession, salesmen will always find a way to make money.

And when I say salesman, it doesn’t have to be that guy who wear white long sleeves with a neck tie carrying a brief case. That woman in the wet market selling food stuff is a salesman.


The man who try to sell unwanted equipment to his neighbor is also a salesman. Anyone who knows how to sell is a salesman. It’s a skill that seems natural for most of us, it’s just that a lot of people don’t wanna do it.

A professional person would decline joining an organization selling insurance, looking down at the job as demeaning. I heard someone said, “I didn’t study college just to be a salesperson!”

I respect anyone’s viewpoint of this, but do you agree that from time to time, you are performing as a salesperson when you try to convince somebody to buy into your idea?

And did you know that if you master that persuasive skill, you will never go hungry no matter what happen to the economy?

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Sales People

It’s hard to succeed in business, it’s hard to make money in business if you’re not skilled in selling. That’s the truth, and people dreaming of having a successful business ought to know that.

From conceptualizing your business, to actually getting clients, you must possess selling skills. When we say “selling skills”, that includes your ability to persuade other people that your idea works.

Ray Kroc was able to convince the world that you can order a hamburger quicker than other hamburger sellers. Steve Jobs was able to convince the world that his product, iPhone, is cool to have.

Steve Jobs

So, the first skill you have to learn if you want to make money, or if you want to succeed and become wealthy, is selling skill.

But wait, even if you just simply want to have a job, you gotta convince the human resource manager that you are the one qualified for the job you’re applying for!

In all facets of life, we can see selling. So, why are a lot of people afraid of selling? Why don’t you want to sell?

The #1 Reason People Don’t Wanna Sell

It’s the fear of rejection.

When you offer a person something and that person declines your offer, how does it feel?

It doesn’t feel good, right?

I guess that’s the #1 reason why most people don’t wanna sell, or don’t wanna join sales jobs. They don’t like being rejected.

No Thanks

But did you know that rejection is normal and it is a part of succeeding?

Not all people would want the juice you’re selling (if you’re selling bottled juice on the streets). But somewhere along the way, you will encounter some thirsty people looking for your stuff.

If the first and second prospect said “no” to you, maybe the third person in sweat would probably say “yes” to your offer. And how many sweaty persons will encounter in a given day along a sunny street?

The good feeling that you’ll have with the “YESs” will supersede the bad feeling you got from the “NOs”!

So, as you can see in this example, it’s a “Numbers Game”. In selling, you just have to push through to find your “YESs”.

Are There Any Good Sales Training Out There?

Yes, there are many sales training out there. There are “in-house sales training” hosted by marketing companies, and there are third party training you can enroll.

I remember when I was involved in network marketing, there were training that I attended for free teaching people basic selling techniques. But you don’t have to join those programs just to learn them.

Let me share to you some basic steps to making a sale:

1. First of all, find a way to get your prospect’s ATTENTION. Don’t try to make a pitch while your prospect is busy doing something else. It’s very demeaning and won’t result to any positive outcome. So, first step? Get your prospect’s ATTENTION.

2. Arouse your prospect’s INTEREST. Make them interested in what you’re offering. Hit their “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” button. Find a way to make them interested in what you’re offering.

3. Create a DESIRE in your prospect, make them want your product or service. It is okay to mention the features of your product, but instead of focusing on the features, focus on the benefits they can get if they’ll have your product.

4. Last in the process is, ACTION. Close the sale! Take the order or seal the deal off.

This technique, the AIDA technique is simple and yet proven to work.

You can use this technique as it is or modify it for your style and need. I have generated a lot of sales using this technique when I was a salesman for a book company more than a decade ago. This works great in the offline, but you can also use this in online selling.

Are There Any Good Books To Learn Selling Skills?

Books have helped me a lot in learning how to sell.

Back in 2002, bookstores in Manila weren’t that strict and they allowed people to browse and read books that are displayed in their shelves. I spent a lot of time there reading books on selling, for free!

When I earned some money from my sales jobs (I worked then as a sales representative for a local pharmaceutical company), I bought some copies for myself so I can have references to use.

Today, I still buy books on selling, some via online while others are via bookstores that sell used books at bargain prices.Shut Up And Sell

One of my favorite books on selling is “Shut Up and Sell: How to Say Less and Sell More“.

In the steps for selling that I shared earlier, you will notice that the last step is ACTION or CLOSING. For the money to be made in your selling, you have to close the deal. You need to stop giving lectures about your product and proceed to “selling the product”.

It is a common mistake by those people who failed miserably in sales that they got afraid to take the order. You should not because, taking your customer’s order isn’t bad. Actually, you’re helping the customer!

Don’t feel ashamed asking for the customer’s order. You’re doing the customer a service. You are helping him.

So, in the process, you should know when to stop being a teacher and start being a seller.

Are There Any Online Training For Selling?

You can find training or seminars online teaching people how to sell. But the truth is, they’re just lectures and not live workshops where students can do actual selling to practice their skills.

The secret to getting the most out of these training is, after you learned something from the lectures online, you go out there and put your knowledge into practice.

As an internet marketing or affiliate marketer, I do most of my selling now online rather than offline. I live “semi-retired” in a mountain here in the Philippines so going out in the offline to sell isn’t possible here.

So, alternatively, I sell online using my website. Thanks to the training I got from Wealthy Affiliate, the online training company teaching people how to build businesses online, I am now selling successfully online.

How Not To Go Hungry in this COVID-19 Pandemic

In times like this (COVID-19 Pandemic), it is advantageous if you learn the skill to sell anything online. You can make money without leaving your home, just by using your computer and the Internet.

If you are interested in learning the same, I invite you to join us, it’s free to join. You will learn how to easily build a website from scratch, and use that website to sell anything online for profits.

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