I announce today here in my wordpress blog that I got accepted in the Super Affiliate Challenge 2019-2020! This is my second time with a challenge like this.

This is part of the yearly challenge launched by Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, the Internet’s fastest-growing community for affiliate marketers building niche websites.

Although the lessons are applicable to any niche, it seems this is geared towards the promotion of the WA’s affiliate program, and those who followed the lessons diligently, found themselves qualified in the company’s annual conference in Las Vegas.

I got accepted in the challenge last year but unfortunately because of myriads of distractions that have come my way, I got sidetracked. This year, I think I am more ready to take the challenge and hopefully, get qualified to the Vegas conference early next year (January, 2020).

Training Affiliates To Become Super Affiliates

What is an affiliate and what is a super affiliate?

If you will do an ordinary search on Google, the word “affiliate” means “connected to a larger body”. Sounds confusing, right? The reason is, it’s a general term. It is only by appending the word “marketing” to the word “affiliate” that you will fully understand what do we mean here with the word “affiliate”.

Affiliate Marketing

In layman’s term, affiliate marketing means, promoting a product a person’s or a company’s product online and earning a commission in return. So, basically, getting paid promoting other people’s stuff online.

There are many people doing affiliate marketing today, probably in millions around the world. So, you can imagine how tough the competition is just by thinking of the numbers. But the good news is, it isn’t that tough.

To become a “super affiliate”, someone who’s doing better than the rest of other affiliates, you have to target things with precision. And that’s what the challenge and the lessons inside are all about.

Doing Affiliate Marketing With Precision

I’ve been working in the affiliate marketing field for years now, and I cannot brag about my results. It is only through programs that provide big commissions per sale and ongoing commission based on residual billing of referrals that I was able to earn bigger amounts of money. Also, in another form of marketing called network marketing.

The reason for my mediocre result is, I didn’t know how to target goals with precision.

Target goals with precision

Thankfully, I joined Wealthy Affiliate where I learn the principle of niche marketing. In this sub form of affiliate marketing, you are required to pinpoint who is your specific audience. Your audience is your niche, and in the words of our professor (Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate), a niche is a specific group of people looking for a specific stuff on Google.

You see, that’s how precise the approach is in the lesson found in Wealthy Affiliate. And with the lessons in the Super Affiliate Challenge, things get deeper than that. How do I know?

Remember, I got accepted last year, but failed to get qualified in Vegas conference because I got distracted.

Our Tools For Precision Revealed

In every thing that we do, we use tools, right?

It’s the same with affiliate marketing specifically with Wealthy Affiliate.

I am a member of other sites dedicated to training affiliates, like for example Affilorama, they too have tools for productivity. But it is only in Wealthy Affiliate that I see a powerful tool like Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Remember, I said that part of our training inside Wealthy Affiliate is pinpointing who are the exact audience for our products and/or business. Our audience, our niche, those people searching for stuffs via Google.

What are they searching for? What are the exact phrases are they using or typing in Google? What is the volume of searches per month for a specific search phrase or keyword?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool, a keyword tool especially created for the members of Wealthy Affiliate, is very helpful in achieving these goals, these that are in question. The good news is that, it is not exclusive to WA members only.

Click Here to Learn More about Jaaxy Keyword Tool

My Plan For This Super Affiliate Challenge

Since this is my second year for this kind of challenge, I am now familiar with its workings. Also, it’s my 3rd year as an active member of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Super Affiliate Challenge

By the way, a little disclaimer here, I am not that wealthy yet. It’s just, the name of our community is Wealthy Affiliate, which means, a community with a goal of helping members become wealthy at affiliate marketing.

Now, talking about becoming wealthy, the prerequisite of any wealthy is income generation.

In my early years in WA, I got very little income earned. The reason is, I was busy with other businesses that I got very little time to spend learning and implementing the lessons.

Today, it’s quite different now. I am more dedicated now, and in fact, I’m seeing new referrals and new commissions coming in because of this new dedication.

Now, it’s not about me. It’s about what I am going to do with this challenge, how I’m going to help people. The truth is, money is just a compensation for helping others, and it’s true with online business.

Massive Action Equals Massive Results

What gives me the right to say this?

Well, as I have mentioned earlier, I’m a part of the previous challenge. And in that challenge, I saw people stepped up to the next levels of their lives. Let me give you some examples…

Jerry Huang Got Qualified in Our Vegas Conference

This is a friend of mine (active members inside WA become friends as time goes by). He used to just sit on the fence watching the whites dominate the game. Just recently, he got so inspired and has become one of the first Asians to get qualified in the Vegas conference.

His secret?

Wealthy Affiliate Conference

He took massive action. That’s the key.

You don’t believe me? Well, try reversing it. Can you get massive results with a mediocre effort?

See you in the comments section below,

Gomer Magtibay a.k.a. Coach Gom