Obviously, network marketing isn’t the best home-based business. But, there’s something in it that will allow you to experience both financial freedom and time freedom in no time. In this blog post, let me share you what I know about this.

But before we proceed, if you have biases against network marketing, I encourage you to suspend them for a while. Give the idea a chance to be understood.

I’ve been in this business for more than a decade now, so maybe there’s something in here that’s responsible for holding me for that long.

Now, are you ready to listen?

There’s No Business Like Home Business

I read that line in one of the banners online. There’s no business like home business.

For those of you who already have businesses, like shops, maybe you can relate to this…

Someone quits his job to start his own business. His primary reason is, he wants to be his own boss, and spend more time with his family. At the back of his mind, he’s thinking of someday, he’d be successful in business and will have plenty of time for the loved ones.

But then, years have passed and still that dream of having time freedom is still illusive.

Does this sound familiar?

With a home-based business, I mean anything that’s run from a home office, you have plenty of time to spend with your family!

So, how does it sound to you?

There's No Business Like Home Business

Which Home Business To Start?

Anyone starting a business is confronted with this confusion.

“Which home business to start? What should I choose? There are too many to choose from!”

Okay, I have nothing against “making crafts” kind of home-based businesses… even those businesses that are “service-oriented”. And it feels good bragging about your very own product’s brand name.

But let me tell you this…

If you choose a business like that, you have to be prepared to spend more time and resources building that up.

I know of people who chose that route, and instead of enjoying time freedom with their home-based business, they found themselves “prisoners” of the new business.

I recommend you consider network marketing.

You Can Have Both in Network Marketing

Yes, I mean “both”.

Maybe not much during the start, but as you progress with your business, as you develop distributors in your team, you will discover that this business provides more freedom than any business you can find out there.

How do I know?

I repeat, I’ve been in this industry for more than a year now.

I’ve experience making money in network marketing, making twice or even three times more than the money I’ve made in my other businesses (I operate two other businesses OFFLINE)… and still spent less time minding this business!


So, network marketing is so much different from other businesses you ever seen.

Network Marketing Is A Unique Business


This is the first post in this website of mine, and it serves as a good introduction to my blogging here.

Maybe with my explanation, it left you staring on the ceiling, “What made him say those things?”. Well, in my coming posts here, I will explain all to you in detail.

For now, just ponder on this “mini summary” of what this business is. This is a business that gives both financial freedom and time freedom—in one roof!

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Gomer Magtibay a.k.a. Coach Gom blogs about home business ideas and answers questions (free coaching) about starting or growing a home-based business. If you would like to learn more about him or connect with him, click here.

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