Hi, good day to you guys, once again I’m here to share something very important. This is not only for MLM distributors but also for online entrepreneurs in general…

The message is, “Build your blog, build your email list.”

It’s been a decade since I started doing business online, I started being a network marketer or MLM distributor for companies, and then later, become a coach helping others succeed.

I say I’m a coach, a self-proclaimed coach. In our industry, there’s no Professional Regulations Commission giving licenses to qualified individuals to become a coach. It’s the client or clients that determine if we’re qualified.

If what I say to you makes sense, then that makes me qualified. If what I suggest to you makes you successful, then I deserved to be called a “coach”.

I’m sure, the thoughts you will get from here will make you successful. So, read on…

Your MLM Business Isn’t Yours

Yes, that’s a cold hard truth about doing multi-level marketing business.

If you’re working with, let’s say, with the coffee MLM company Organo Gold. You do not own Organo, the real owner of that company is Bernie Chua.

You don’t own any in that business.

You may be earning big, but when it comes to property, you do not have any property with them except for the products you have purchased. And even if you already own those products, you get to follow Organo’s rules in marketing the products or else you will be in trouble with the company’s compliance department.

Same with all other MLM companies out there.

There are many MLM companies out there that are very possessive.

In fact, witnessed one top earner in my former MLM company, he was accused of joining another MLM company and because of that, his membership with the former was terminated. His monthly commissioned checked was taken away together with his huge downline team.

Abusive MLM companies

The guy fought back by trying to recruit his former leaders one by one to his new company. Yes, he did manage to recruit a bunch of leaders loyal to him, but in the end, he failed to once again achieve what he has achieved in his former MLM business.

What Do You Really Own?

In sales pages and in sales meetings, people are being sold to the idea that if you join these businesses, you will have the chance of owning your own business.

That’s partially true.

Partially because unlike when you’re working for someone else, in an MLM business, you can write your own paycheck while when you’re working for someone else, it’s the boss that determines how much you get paid.

It’s like being your own boss. That’s smart.

Be your own boss. Write your own paycheck.

But what will make you even smarter is, if you realize that what you’re getting into is an opportunity to have your own business and these companies are just business partners.

You can start a distributorship business and make multiple MLM companies are your source of supply. Then retail the products they supply to you to retail customers in your area.

Then generate a list of your customers, something these MLM companies can’t take from you. It’s your property and not theirs, even if they decide to take your downlines in their database, your personal list of customers is yours.

So, what do you really own?

  1. The distributorship business that you’ve registered with your local government.
  2. The list of customers buying from you.

Think about that.

The Equivalent Property Online

Now that you’re seeing the big picture, that you are not at the mercy of these ruthless companies, you are free to build your own business the way you want it.

Gone are the days when MLM distributors are being taken by the rope by those selfish MLM companies. If one company terminates you because you decided to open up to another company, then fear not.

There are many companies out there if they terminate you, it’s their loss.

They will lose an asset.

An Asset to MLM Companies

So, enjoy the freedom of being an independent distributor.

Build your distributorship business.

And in today’s world, where technology drives our businesses, you can build a thriving distributorship online using the Internet.

The equivalent online for building a shop where you display different products from different MLM companies is a website. Have your own website that displays your chosen products. Then, attach a blog to update your followers and customers.

To secure your bond with your followers, get their names and contact info like email or phone numbers. Build your list of loyal subscribers.

Build Your Blog, Build Your Email List

I say this over and over again…

Become an entrepreneur with real assets.

Rather than being pushe