It has taken the world by surprise. Now, the magnitude of distraction is so huge so I decided to write about why bloggers should not be distracted by COVID-19.

I myself got distracted and the month is almost over I am so much behind with my blogging goals. And there are probably thousands out there who are also stalled with their blogging. If you’re a blogger, you probably know the implication of this, so this blog post will serve just a reminder for us to keep moving.

Why Bloggers Should Not Be Distracted By COVID-19

There are varying opinions with regard to how long the duration of the lockdowns will be. Some are saying it will end in one or two months while others say it can continue up to 6 months to 1 year.

One of the reasons I think why different places have different duration of the lockdowns being implemented is because, the damage caused by this Corona Virus vary from one place to another. Just comparing the impact on South Korea and Italy, you will know the reason why.

COVID 19But one thing is for sure…

This will be over, soon. The fact that there are people recovering and the spread of the virus has slowed down than expected is a sure sign that this will be over soon. With lockdowns being implemented by different governments of the world, its spread will soon be contained and will stop spreading.

Once it’s over, the world will come back to life especially the business world. And even during lockdown, Google bots are still working, indexing and ranking content. If you own a blog, you must continuously cater to these bots, and of course, to your human readers.

Search Engines Are Continuously Looking For Fresh Content

Like I said, even during this lockdown, search engines like Google never stop. In fact, they are busier than ever, indexing and ranking new articles and posts.

Our human readers, our customers, are busier than ever searching on Google. I myself can attest to that, and my frequently-used keyword is COVID-19. Sites that cater to us with their information are surely getting a surge in their traffic.

But let us be reminded that in the past, there were announcements from Google that they put priority on health sites that have “real world authority” over those ordinary bloggers who are just trying to rank on health terms.

This reminds me to stay with my current niche which is MMO and not mix information here with content about COVID-19. I mean, a site about blogging and making money online should stay there and not attempt to post articles attempting to display experts on this disease.

Yes, the search engines are continuously looking for fresh content, but the content should be coherent or relevant to the main topic of your blog.

This Is Our Chance To Get Ahead Of Other Bloggers

Just like my being distracted in the past two weeks, I know there are a lot of other bloggers out there who are seriously distracted.

In the social media alone like Facebook, once you log-in you will be bombarded with posts and notifications about COVID-19. There’s nothing wrong with being updated to what’s happening around us, but consuming one or two hours liking, sharing, and commenting on other people’s posts about COVID-19 will surely distract you from working on your online business.

While others are getting distracted, it is wise for you to minimize your exposure to these distractions and go straightly to your WordPress dashboard and start creating new content.

Other bloggers may be capable of publishing a more beautiful content than yours, but if they have stopped publishing new content because they either got infected by the virus or got distracted, with you continuously publishing new content, chances are you will soon outrank them.

Google hates blogs that look like they’re abandoned.

This is Our Chance To Inspire Others

As bloggers, we are deemed leaders of our followers.

One of the past presidents of the United States, John Qunicy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

Inspire Others

This crisis is our chance to inspire others so they will stay hopeful and have better outlook in life.

If others are spreading “doom and gloom” information out there, we need to counter them by publishing and putting out encouraging content on the Internet.

There are thousands or even millions of people out there who are burdened with problems especially with how they are going to survive.

Lucky are those living in countries with supportive governments, but in countries like mine, the Philippines, the government is also struggling.

I want to inspire my countrymen, if they have a computer and an internet connection, I want to encourage them to seize opportunities available online and make money.

Let’s Make Money Online Through Blogging

Don’t say you don’t have money to start a blog. I know of a blogging platform where you can get started for free, you will be provided with tools you can use, so you can start making money online without spending any. Why Bloggers Should Not Be Distracted By COVID 19

Click here to sign-up for a free account with this platform, and then we will guide you in setting up your free blog. Then, follow the lessons on how you can add content (articles) and how you can monetize with ads.

By hosting ads in your blog, or recommending products, you can make money with affiliate marketing. People these days are now open to the idea of buying things online, whether physical products or digital products.

And if you already have your own blog, continue publishing new content. Continue inspiring your readers and telling them we can make it. There’s no better time to shine than now.

We, bloggers, should not be distracted by this COVID-19.

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Gomer Magtibay a.k.a. Coach Gom blogs about home business ideas and answers questions (free coaching) about starting or growing a home-based business. If you would like to learn more about him or connect with him, click here.

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