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If you search on the Internet for the keyword “blog on blogging” chances are you will see in the top 10 of the search results on Google a blog with a title “A Blog on Blogging“.

For the members of Wealthy Affiliate, this may be one of the members of our awesome community. On the blog roll, you will see a blog post about Jaaxy, our keyword research tool.

Will I compete with this blog?

No. I have this plan to blog on blogging, but I will use a different keyword.

Just recently, I decided to change the niche of this website again for personal reasons. They main keyword for the site will no longer be “online business coach” as it is quite vague. The new niche will be more on blogging and to be more specific, the main keyword will be “blogging coach”.

I will be teaching newbies how to start a new blog!

Why Blog on Blogging?

This used to be my niche years ago, the first time I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been coming in and out for the past 5 years here and every time that I rejoin WA, I got a new niche.

The recent boom in video blogging has discouraged me to pursue blogging or publishing texts or articles. But making videos is not my forte, as I still have this problem with my dentures. I am not yet comfortable of shooting videos of myself.

Shooting Video of Myself

To continue doing business online, I realized that if I can’t publish videos on YouTube with myself talking, then I must look for an alternative. You know, the other ways of publishing your thoughts online. I really can’t shoot videos of myself.

If you will examine the ways of the money-makers of today, they get their traffic, and of course, sales via YouTube. But I can’t really shoot videos of myself. So, with that, how can I make video blogs?

Lately, I realized that there are indeed people who are still doing great with publishing text or articles. It still works depending on the platform you’re using and what you’re promoting.

How do I know they work?

Blogging For Amazon Products

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, a thriving community of affiliate and Internet marketers, you will find success stories of people making money with Amazon.

A Review Blog

In my deep analysis of things, I noticed that most of the reviews of products sold in Amazon were done successfully using blogs, not vlogs. I guess the reason for this is, a blog post can included detailed analysis of things. You can integrate comparison tables, and most important of all, multiple links.

Can you do that with a YouTube video?

It is true that you can also do a detailed review of an Amazon product via a video, but I doubt if you can integrate in your video multiple links to related Amazon products. What I usually noticed in YouTube is, there’s only one link per video.

In an article or blog post, you can do a lot of explaining mentioning two competing products, and with their brand names you can hyperlink them pointing to the products sold in Amazon.

My Passion For Niche Stores Online

As an entrepreneur, I love looking at niche stores. The reason may be is, I can imagine them as online counterparts of traditional little stores we see offline. Do you remember the old mom-and-pop stores?

I always wanted to have my own online store, or a website for promoting and selling specific products.

Coffee PLR Niche Blog

There was a time when I have yet to discover what the word niche means, but I bought a ready-made website on coffee via a PLR website store. Unfortunately, because of lack of training in getting the coffee website rank, I closed down the site.

But the passion for niche marketing has already got stuck in my blood.

With my lessons from Wealthy affiliate, it renewed my interest in starting a new niche blog again. And this time, it’s about building muscles at home.

With our lucrative affiliate program, I got this plan of building a successful blog about fitness and then encouraging others to start their own blog with Wealthy Affiliate’s online business platform.

For every blogger you refer to WA, you will earn a monthly commission, residual income as long as he stays an active member.

A Plan That’s Suited For Me, And Maybe For You, Too!

Like I said, I am an internet marketer. And as an internet marketer, I am aware of the power of vlogging or video blogging. But since it’s not the one that’s suited for me (I already mentioned the reasons), then I will go for blogging.

I will blog about blogging!

A blogging about certain products, or blogging about strategies for building muscles at home. In the blog, I will be explaining about the concept, review related products, and hopefully make money with Amazon’s affiliate program.

A Blog On Fitness

And as the new blog makes money, I will share techniques here at how I am building a profitable blog about this specific niche. Hence, a blog on blogging.

If you’ve been to many online reviews done by WA members, you can expect me to create a similar style of blogging, but not exactly the same.

You can see paragraphs, embedded videos, comparison tables, screenshots and photos, and sometimes photos of me making my own progress with my personal fitness program.

Also, I like the idea of reference websites as you can easily create internal links for related content.

Now, let’s talk about you…

If you can write paragraphs, if you can write text explanations about something, then I guess you can do this too. You can blog, too!


Okay, sounds like a good plan, right?

Winners know how to plan their work, and work their plan. In my coming posts, you will notice it will be more on blogging. From starting a blog, to building it and then finishing as a winner.

It may not be easy, but because we got here a guide, we got instructors, things will be easier. So, that’s it, the start of my blog on blogging.

Thanks for reading. If you have questions or reactions to the topic discussed, feel free to leave a comment below.

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