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Hello and welcome here!

Thanks for checking out my About Me page.


My name is Gomer Magtibay, a.k.a. Coach Gom. I’m a self-proclaimed online home business coach. But if you will ask me for certificates, I have some from Udemy and HubSpot Academy.

I grew up in a Christian family (Seventh-Day Adventists), and because I fear God, I am careful with my business dealings as to not to harm others. It is for that reason that I become picky about the income opportunities I recommend.

After college, I took some sales jobs and from there, I was introduced by a doctor friend to a network marketing business. I was told that the business is not only good for earning extra income but it also has the potential to make me rich.

I got hooked, but only to find myself struggling. So, I went online searching for ways to succeed, and that’s when I discovered online attraction marketing through the course that I’ve bought—Magnetic Sponsoring.

Become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Instead of chasing people to sell my products or to enroll in my business team, I learned a better way of attracting them to me. So, from being a hunter, I became the hunted.

Today, I have diversified my online business to including affiliate marketing and dropshipping.


When I was starting out, there’s no one helping me. It was hard and I experienced so many setbacks.

With those experiences, I got this desire of helping others avoid the pitfalls. I want to help struggling marketers succeed with their online home businesses.

Not to brag, I have helped a significant number of people have a breakthrough. Below is one of them…

Sheryl Cash“I was fortunate to have Gomer mentor me for FREE in a previous business although I was not in his organization. He is trustworthy and does exactly what he says he will do and has even followed up with me over the years.”

– Sheryl Cash, Home Business Owner

In the business of network marketing and affiliate marketing, the system is designed to reward those who are helping others. So, the more you help, the more you earn.

But the money thing is just a bonus for me. What’s more valuable is the friendship that’s being generated whenever you’re helping someone. To me, that’s priceless.

I believe in the words of the late Zig Ziglar…

“You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.”


Beginners in a home-based business usually have two problems…

It’s either they have run out of people to talk to (about their business), or have run out of money to keep the business going.

And sometimes, both.

The possible reasons for running out of cash early in the game are:

  • Invested the money in inventories (products)
  • Have spent the money on tools like brochures, phone, computer, website hosting, autoresponder, etc.
  • ‘ have spent the money on advertising and there was little or no return on investment.

If you’re working out an online business, chances are you don’t need people to talk to, right? You have people coming into your site.

But sometimes, even if you’re in a good or legitimate online program, you can still fail…

One example of that is, if you’re counting on organic traffic to generate customers, it usually takes time to see results.

What if you run out of cash to pay for hosting or membership before the money start coming in?

You’re done. You’re finished. Website or hosting shut down.

Having experienced all that, I have come up with a solution for helping beginners make money fast online…

How would you like to encash little tiny commissions, not next month, not after 3 or 6 months, but by next week?

And get paid on a weekly basis instead of just monthly?

Proof of income.

And how would you like to generate leads while making that quick money?

Here’s The Kicker

We will promote a low-end product, it cost only a one-time payment of $7, we will get paid $6 for every referral and those buyers? They become our leads for our back-end offers.

The back-end offer can be an affiliate income opportunity (mine is Wealthy Affiliate), or any opportunity you want to promote like a network marketing business opportunity.

How do you like that? Making money and generating leads at the same time?

That makes our business immune to failure!

Click Here For A Failure-proof Strategy

Check it out. I will be your coach.

All the best,

Gomer Magtibay a.k.a. Coach Gom

PS: Alternatively, you can connect with me on Facebook. Click here to access my page..

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